The effects of physical and mental use of violence

  • Destruction and anti-social behavior;
  • Aggression;
  • Self-control at a very low level;
  • With difficulties in establishing emotional bonds;
  • Social alienation;
  • Lack of self-esteem;

Therefore, the family is so important, or rather its proper functioning. A child brought up in appropriate conditions is able to overcome the greatest failures and is able to meet even the greatest challenges that are encountered at every stage of development. Adaptation, which a child undergoes many times during his life, is a real challenge.

Percentile gridsThe percentile grids are used to assess the child’s physical development – they allow to determine whether his height and weight are proportional to age. Percentile grids may seem complicated at first glance – there are a few lines labeled 3, 10, 25, 50, 75, 90, 97. These numbers on the percentiles are the percentiles. There are also two axes in the chart – vertical and horizontal. One of these axes shows the child’s age (in months or in years).

The second shows height or weight. Enter your child’s details into the calculator below – date of birth, pregnancy week, childbirth, child’s sex, weight (g) and height (cm). This way, you will find out which percentile your child is on and whether he or she is developing properly.Child developmentChild development is a continuous process – every day your child acquires new development skills, which are the result of learning and exercise, but also a reflection of the maturation of the nervous system.

Although the child’s development in particular years of life is not as dynamic and spectacular as in the times of infancy, it is certainly during this time that there are spectacular and breakthrough moments. Infant developmentChanges in the development of an infant can be observed at a rapid pace and are visible week after week. It can even be said that an infant literally changes overnight, and from a newborn that only eats and sleeps, it smoothly moves to the infant stage.



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