Everyday development of a child


Every day he acquires new skills that greatly influence his development.Development of the newbornThe first 6 weeks of a newborn’s life are a time of huge changes and rapid development of the baby. The newborn has already left the friendly environment inmother’s belly and must learn to exist in the outside world. During this period, the newborn sleeps for a long time – more than 20 hours a day! This is justified because the nervous system of the newborn is developing intensively.

In the first weeks of life, a newborn can focus on the face of the person taking it in his arms and lift its head for a few seconds.THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MOVEMENT FOR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENTMovement is the basis for the proper development of a child. The modern world and the progress of civilization lull the need for movement. At the same time, the number of children with posture defects, speech, writing and reading problems is growing at an alarming rate, and adolescents suffer from pain and difficulties in performing motor tasks earlier and earlier.

The number of children with excess body weight is also increasing. Daily exercise, a walk, a ball game is enough… It stimulates the child’s bone growth, promotes proper bone calcification, improves blood supply to the muscles, and accelerates the growth of muscle strength and mass. Movement also improves the functions of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Performing various tasks, solving problems while moving, is an irreplaceable training for the central nervous system that controls the human body.

The right dose of targeted movement also influences the development of the correct grip necessary for effective writing. It also stimulates the development of speech and the eye movements needed for reading. And one more very important advantage of movement: movement gives joy …    Man needs physical activity as much as food and air.


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