The “hunger for movement”


Present in children is an expression of the subconscious desire to satisfy this very important need, to provide the necessary factor stimulating development:physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Especially in pre-school age, getting around is an important means of gaining information about the world around you. Through movement, the child has the opportunity to get to know himself, his own body and own abilities, assess his skills, as well as develop self-confidence and gain social experiences with other people during movement games.

The pre-school period is particularly important for shaping the child’s motor skills.The child then acquires certain skills which are only perfect in the later stages of life. During this period, physical activity significantly contributes to the strengthening of the body’s resistance to the harmful effects of environmental factors, and motor skills often determine the child’s position in the peer group. Therefore, special importance is attached to the movement activation of modern man, due to four basic functions: stimulation, compensation, adaptation, correction.

Movement as a stimulating factorMovement stimulates the development of the organism. Thanks to it, motor skills and physical fitness are improvedhuman:- muscles doing work increase their cross-section, volume, strength and elasticity, it follows  strengthening and increasing the flexibility and strength of tendons and ligaments,- movement promotes bone mineralization,- physical effort mobilizes the cardiovascular system, causes increased action  a heart that strengthens and develops,- movement activates the respiratory system, because the lungs have to do more work, thanks  why the vital capacity of the lungs increases, as well as the amount of oxygen absorbed,-

physical exercise contributes directly to increasing the efficiency of the stomach and  intestines, and indirectly affect the efficiency of the liver and kidneys,- physical activity stimulates the maturation of the nervous system, centers mature faster  the brain controlling movements (it accelerates the development of motor skills),


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