Development of Child’s independence


it occurs simultaneously  increase in the speed of conduction of nerve impulses, which improves motor coordination, thanks to movement, the child gets to know the world around them, enriches their experiences,  shapes memory and attention,- movement develops the child’s independence,- games and exercises in a group teach pro-social behavior, the child conforms  applicable norms and rules,- physical activity affects the development of character and personality.Movement as a compensation factor- compensation is in other words alignment, physical activity is to restore necessary for  the proper development of the child’s body a balance of beneficial factors  and harmful.

Movement as an adaptation factor – motor activity develops the ability of the child’s body to adapt to the changing ones  living conditions: climate, temperature, pressure, weather conditions, difficulties  everyday life, etc.- through movement and physical exercise you can harden the body, that is, lead to  increasing the tolerance limit to stimuli or environmental factors, and also  shape resistance to mental (e.g. stress) and social factors.

Movement as a corrective factor- corrective actions, using properly selected and controlled physical activity,  are undertaken in those cases where the arisen frdevelopment deviations can  eliminate or alleviate with corrective exercises. The correction function is  therapeutic and curative function.    So it’s impossible to give up exercise and sport. Every day, children must have enough opportunities for physical activity, not only for their physical improvement, but also for their overall personality development.

During this examination, the doctor asks the parents a number of questions, e.g. whether he is learning well, how to speak, how to behave, whether he is moving well. This is important because a delay in any of these areas may indicate developmental disorders. Each child that is referred to a specialist is examined for developmental delay and disability at the age of 9 months, 18 months, 24 or 30 months, respectively.


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