A variety of exercises and movement games


For this, they must, above all, have sufficient space (meadow, playground, gym).  so much liked by children, are an active recreation for them. Active recreation is even more recommended from an early age, because we are getting used to a sedentary lifestyle, avoid physical exertion, and get used to comfort. A typical example of this is the fact that small children sit in front of TV sets, in front of computer monitors, use means of transport (taking children everywhere in the car) instead of walking, protect the child from the slightest effort, relieve him of any hard physical work.

Additional screening tests are performed when it is suspected that a child is at high risk of developmental disorders due to the fact that other people in the family have autism, premature delivery or low birth weight. Screening tests during the control should be performed on children aged 1.5-2 years.2. Comprehensive assessment of the child – this is the second stage of diagnostics.

The assessment of the child includes the child’s behavior and an interview with the parents, in addition, neurological and genetic tests and other medical tests may be performed. More specifically, the child’s assessment is usually made by:neurologists – assessing the work of the brain and nerves;developmental pediatricians – assess the child’s development;child psychologists or psychiatrists – they have knowledge of the human mind and use it in examining the patient.Note: whenever you suspect that your child is not developing properly, see a specialist!

Most often, parents report to psychologists or educators.You can also make an appointment for a psychological consultation online. An e-visit to a child psychologist gives you the opportunity to present current problems without traveling to the clinic.In diagnosing autism, it is important to distinguish whether we are dealing with autism, common disorders (problems with hearing or vision) or disorders of one of the development zones, e.g. speech.

There are certain diseases that can resemble autism, so it should be ruled out with proper testing. Observing the child and talking to the parents / guardians are important elements in making a diagnosis. Educational capacity is tested by a multidisciplinary team.This proves that physical exercise (including movement games and fun) is simply an absolute necessity for a modern man.


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