The causes of autism


The causes of autism are not fully understood. The current state of knowledge indicates that there is no single, simple cause. Genetic and environmental factors influence the onset of the autism spectrum.Factors that contribute to the onset of the autism spectrum include:other people on the autism spectrum in the familygenetic mutations

Fragile X syndrome and certain genetic disease slow birth weighthigher age of parents viral infections during pregnancycertain medications taken during pregnancy (e.g. for epilepsy)less than a year between pregnanciessignificant prematurity (before the 26th week of pregnancy)multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets)autoimmune diseases in the motherThese factors have been linked to the autism spectrum in research studies published in reputable journals such as Genetics in Medicine, Trends in neurosceinces.

In this article you will learn more about: The role of genesEnvironmental factorsVaccination has no relation to autismResearch on the causes of autismThe causes of autism – what we knowResearchers believe that the most common occurrence of the autism spectrum is not related to one, but several factors. Genetic predisposition is associated with environmental factors, such as low birth weight or infections during pregnancy.

Additional factors can exacerbate the symptoms of autism.These risk factor configurations can vary widely from person to person. This means that there are likely many different pathways that lead to the onset of the autism spectrum disorder. Risk factors are likely to influence the early development of a child’s brain, such as how regions of the brain communicate with each other or how nerve cells transmit information.



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