International Child Development Resource Center



Dublin, Ireland – Complementary Health Online Limited has received Irish government recognition and approval to offer the ICDRC developed Open Windows Essential Training online via the organizations trademarked web site, New Life Learning. After many meetings and networking New Life Learning agreed to pilot online learning courses including Open Windows to one of the largest community development schemes in Ireland. New Life’s executive committee enthusiastically endorsed the course and sees social benefit for Ireland. Assuming the pilot is successful, it will be implemented in the remaining schemes (1,000+) around the country. This is a landmark development where parents will have access to courses both in their homes via PC, or the training can be taken online via their local resource centers. Parents not able to afford the Open Windows Essential Training will have it funded by government and EU funds. This scheme also includes health workers, child care workers and class room assistants. Rollout is immediate. Overview of Open Windows Essential Training Online In Open Windows Essential Training Online you will: • Hear internationally recognised specialists present their programs, as if you were in the conference hall • Share experiences with other parents and professionals • Work with a clear implementation path • Have access to the latest research and treatments taking place …all online and at a time and place that suits you. Through this course you will learn: • How to implement a step-by-step program combining latest medical, nutritional and behavioural therapies to maximise your child’s development • what you can do to help bowel problems and behaviour issues using simple, proven methods • what special diagnostic tests can disclose about a child’s individual problems and how they can be treated • why your child may be screeching, flapping, a picky eater, fixated, can’t hold eye contact, extreme behaviour AND what can be done to alleviate and eliminate many of these symptoms • how to implement a proven and effective diet that reduces and eliminates many of these symptoms • how to treat nutritional deficiencies caused by picky eating and bowel problems For more information or to register for Open Windows Essential Training Online through New Life Learning, visit their web site at: