Is there an autism gene?


Andrew Wakefield eventually lost his license to practice as a medical practitioner and the article was removed from the Lancet. For the elimination of doubts, institutions such as the Institute of Medicine or the Centers of Disease Control conducted further research. Studies have shown no association between autism spectrum disorder and vaccination. An analysis of many studies (from 2014) of a total of 1.2 million children confirmed that there is no link between vaccines and autism.Brain research to find the causes of autismSome of the research into the causes of autism has aimed to analyze neurological and neurochemical factors.

Researchers have found that there are differences in the structure and the way the brain works in people on the autism spectrum compared to people with typical development.What are the parents asking. There is no one autism gene, ie one gene change, that affects everyone on the spectrum. Moreover, changes in genes that occur in people with autism can also occur in people who develop typically.Are there genetic tests for autism?No.

There is currently no medical test, such as genetic testing, that can help diagnose autism in children or detect autism before birth. Some prenatal tests can detect rare genetic mutations associated with autism, but it is uncertain whether a child who has the mutation will have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in the future.Is there anything to prevent?There are studies showing that taking folic acid before and during pregnancy reduces the risk of a child’s autism spectrum disorder.

Is the child’s autism spectrum related to parental behavior?Definitely not. A child’s autism spectrum has nothing to do with parenting style or skills.Autism is a condition that belongs to the group of symptoms known as withdrawal, i.e. avoiding contact with the outside world – with people and the environment. It is considered to be a brain disorder that may have a genetic component. However, despite the identification of many factors that increase the risk of autism, its cause has not yet been fully understood.



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