Risk of having autism


In the event that parents have two children with autism, the risk that the third will also be autistic is as high as 32%, comments the author of the study, Sally Ozonoff.A number of studies have reported that an anticonvulsant drug (valproic acid) may increase the risk of autism in children who have been exposed to it before birth.

Another study found a higher risk of this disorder in children exposed in utero to anti-depression drugs. In contrast, prenatal vitamin use has been associated with a lower risk of autism.Autym – symptomsIn typical forms, symptoms of autism appear before the age of 3. The first symptoms in a child are usually observed by parents – in some cases already in infancy. They are worried that the child is too polite, calm, does not flinch at the noise, does not focus his eyes on people entering, and that when you pick it up, it stiffens. In addition, the child stares at one point for hours, e.g. a ticking clock, does not babble or develop speech.

It also happens that the child’s development is normal at first and that unusual behaviors appear unexpectedly.How does an autistic child behave?An autistic child closes itself in its own world. It is a bit distorted, but so absorbing that the child does not see the need to talk to people around him. There is a comprehensive development disorder. The child avoids contact with peers and family. He stops talking to his mother for no reason and treats everyone around him like air.

She doesn’t allow herself to be touched and stiffens when you pick them up, doesn’t feel like doing anything. He doesn’t ask his parents for super toys. Doesn’t respond to pain. She is not happy when her beloved aunt drives by. When he gets his favorite ice cream – he doesn’t show that he likes it very much. Gentle signs (grimace, other people’s gestures) do not matter much to him. You can smile at him with the most sincere tenderness, and he will not pay attention to it or find it nice.



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