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“This course will train you to reproduce the successful interventions we’ve been using to bring real hope to the children we treat world wide. In Open Windows Essential TraningTM, medical researchers, behaviorists, parents and clinicians participate in an interactive learning experience designed to educate and equip you for the challenges presented by autism and related disorders”

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet M.D. F.A.A.F.P.
International Child Development Research Center (ICDRC)

Designed by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet for parents and child carers, Open Window Essential TrainingTM brings together a wide variety of resources for parents of children with autism. Many courses address only one aspect of autism and seem to ignore the very helpful contributions from other disciplines. The unique Open Windows Essential Training course combines medial researchers, behaviorists, parents and clinicians in an interactive learning experience, designed to educate and equip you for the challenges presented by autism and related disorders including Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADD and ADHD.

Just a few of the issues covered in Open Windows Essential Training are:

– What you can do to help bowel problems and behavior issues using simple, proven methods. – What laboratory special diagnostic tests can disclose about a child’s unique problem. – How to treat nutritional deficiencies caused by picky eating and chronic bowel disease. – How to use behavioral techniques to help with many biologically induced behavior problems. – How to determine if heavy metals are influencing a child’s development and what you can do to help. – The role of food allergies and sensitivities in a child’s symptoms, and easy ways to reduce problems.

– How to combine the medical, behavioral and nutritional therapies discussed to maximize a child’s improvement.

These issues and more are covered at all Open Window Essential Training Conferences. Plus, our team of ICDRC experts and physicians will be on hand to answer questions specific to your child’s development.

To find out more about the next Open Window Essential Training Conference, email ICDRC at: EMAIL: [email protected].