An autistic child stops talking


And if he does, he / she speaks in a disturbed, illogical manner, repeating words or slogans from TV commercials over and over again. Instead of “I”, he says “you”, uses incomprehensible phrases. Behavior of a child with autism is stereotypical – he is waving his arms or going in circles. He becomes overly attached to certain items. And if someone takes them from him, he panics. He doesn’t like when someone changes his or her previous habits.

He likes to walk the same way, eat from the same plate, clean with the same brush. He does not tolerate changes in his daily activities.Children with autism spectrum disorder often have a very selective and limited range of interests, which is why they are experts in narrow areas. Sometimes they show extraordinary memory, which, however, they do not use in everyday life, at school, and in contact with people.

Autistic children are often anxious and easily aggressive, with disturbed sleep. The diagnosis is made by a team consisting of a psychologist, special educator and psychiatristSummary of symptoms in autistic children. Child with autism disorders:does not participate in playing with peers,likes loneliness,he smiles very rarely,he is more interested in contact with objects than people,has facial expressions that do not express many emotions,usually avoids eye contact with another person,

be hyperactive and impulsive,does not react to his name,he often becomes aggressive for no apparent reason,hardly speaks at all, and if it already uses meaningless words,introduces objects in a uniform rotary motion,nods, turns in one place without stopping,has difficult contacts with other people,if he is talking – it’s on one topic,is hypersensitive to sounds and touch,sometimes it does not respond to pain,does not run jumping,there are no spontaneous reflexes.



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