People who are not immunized should be vaccinated with the MMR vaccine,


Unless there are contraindications for vaccination.The MMR vaccine, given within 72 hours of seeing someone with measles, can prevent or reduce the course of the disease.For those ≥12 months of age in whom there is no contraindication to vaccination, MMR is recommended in place of immunoglobulin.

If there is no infection following exposure, vaccination will provide protection in the event of subsequent exposure.If a disease develops after contact, MMR vaccination does not increase the risk of adverse vaccine reactions (NOP for short) and does not exacerbate the course of the disease.People who are not immunized after an appointment with measles patients who cannot be vaccinated with MMR due to contraindications or disagreement should receive immunoglobulin.

Administration of immunoglobulin within 6 days after contact If you are suffering from measles, you can prevent or reduce the course of the disease.Measles recommended treatmentIf you suspect measles in yourself or in someone close to you, contact the Hot Line Medicover dispatcher (tel. 500 900 999) – he will help you determine the further procedure.If you have measles, stay home for up to four days after the rash appears.

Get plenty of rest, fill up with fluids, and take antipyretic and antitussive medications.If you have been in contact with someone with measles, and you have not had measles in the past, or have not been vaccinated, arrange a medical appointment immediately to qualify for vaccination or immunoglobulin administration.


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