Diagnosis of Autism


Autism – diagnosisThere are no unambiguous medical tests that will immediately answer the question of whether a child suffers from autism. BadBlood and urine tests cannot diagnose this. In the diagnosis of autism, specialists primarily focus on observing the child’s behavior and its development.Autism diagnosis is divided into two stages1. Child development test: a specialist carries out a test to see if the child has basic skills for a given period of life, or if there are some delays.

To sum up: based on the experience of parents and their observations, it is worth performing the following tests:blood and urine tests,ENT examinations – to exclude problems with the speech and hearing apparatus,examination for toxoplasmosis and cytomegaly,hearing tests – to rule out hearing problems,neurological tests – performed in order to exclude other neurological disorders,ophthalmological examinations – to exclude vision problems,genetic or metabolic testing – often performed by parents to rule out other autism-like diseases

In order to complete one of the first steps in assessing your baby’s health, you can start with a laboratory test. Basic tests to diagnose a child’s health in one package is the initial information for specialists conducting diagnostics.Autism – Can This Disorder Be Treated?Autism can vary in severity from child to child. The child requires constant care. Treatment consists of various forms of psychotherapy – it should apply to the whole family. the sooner we implement the therapeutic process, the greater the chances of improving functioning.



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