Is autism a genetic disease?


Genetic testing for autism – what symptoms could be the basis for their performance?
Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are one of the most common intellectual development disorders in children. A child with autism spectrum disorders has a problem with communication, social intercourse and showing emotions. Intellectual disability may appear. Some children also develop the so-called stereotypical behavior involving the mechanical repetition of activities (e.g. in play). The symptoms of autism may also include speech disorders, and many children may also develop problems with disorders of muscle tone.

Epilepsy is also a symptom of epilepsy in about 30% of autistic children, and the EEG examination may be incorrect.

Genetic testing for autism

According to some sources, the first symptoms of autism may appear as early as in the neonatal period, but most often parents and educators notice the abnormalities at the age of 2-3 years. A child can be ‘withdrawn’, locked in its world. What worries parents is also the lack of mutual feelings, as well as a negative reaction to touch and tenderness. The child may also not pay attention to the surroundings, is not interested in e.g. toys or sweets. Doesn’t see other people’s emotions. Children with symptoms of autism may show even panic fear of any change – in the schedule of the day, the way to kindergarten, the arrangement of objects in the environment.

If the parent notices disturbing symptoms, or the child is already diagnosed with autism, it is worth performing more detailed diagnostics to find the real cause of the disorder.


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